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 Photo / 2006


Sanotes was an artistic collective formed in Paris at the end of 2006 by Daniel Flórez and Jorge López Conde, who , for a couple of years,  carried out a series of artistic actions and performances in different cities and landscapes around the figure of an anonymous explorer who emerges in the scene and decontextualizes the space.

The first project was carried out in Paris as a way of public space, a series of performative actions that generated a few expulsions and arrests in the urban and cultural environment of Paris, registered in photo and video format.

The photos obey a furtive nature of the action, turning the photographer into a kind of hunter who has to capture the precise moment before the "performer" is expelled from the space in which he is acting: museum, monument, square... ..The shutter of the machine then behaves like a knife of time that freezes and stops the instant of the action.

Our personage , eager for knowledge, continues to explore the territory and landsacpe. Without a fixed course to obey, he crosses rural landscapes that evoke a forgotten and confused childhood that can only be woven by exploring. The animals, the smell of the sea, grass and wet earth trigger vague memories. Photography here no longer freezes an instant, but is closer to the postcard (decontextualized).

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